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  • Preparation of Form DIR-8
  • Preparation of Form MBP-1
  • Maintenence of Statutory Registers to ensure compliance as per Companies act, 2013
  • Preparation of Director’s Report
  • Preparation of minutes for Pre-AGM Board meeting
  • Circulation of annual reports for conduct of AGM
  • Conduct AGM
  • Preparation of AGM minutes
  • Filing of Form AOC-4 (Annual Accounts) with ROC
  • Filing of Form MGT-7 (Annual Returns) with ROC
  • Filing of Form ADT-1 (Appointment/Re Appointment of auditors) with ROC

Our Corporate Secretarial Services assists you through the challenges and changes, easing your administrative burden to manage and mitigate risks of corporate non-compliance. Failure to comply with statutory obligations can have potentially severe legal consequences for the company, its shareholders and directors.


  • Constitutional changes, e.g. changes of company name, registered offices, business objects, increase/decrease of registered share capital, articlesetc.;
  • Changes in the management (resignation, removal and appointment of directors);
  • Convening, holding and drafting of the minutes of directors and extraordinary shareholder meetings connected with non routine event driven activities ;
  • Fast Track Exit, Voluntary liquidations and deletions of companies and branches;
  • Procedures and compliances related to making inter-company loans, investments, guarantees, and providing of securities.
  • Changes with respect to appointment, re-appointment, regularization, resignations, fixation and revisions of the remunerations of Directors, Managers, Company Secretary, Compliance officer, secretary in whole time practice, auditors, cost auditors, sole selling agents etc.
  • Allotment, consolidation/sub-division of shares, share transfer and transmission, conversion of shares into stocks or warrants, issue of shares certificates, dematerialization of shares, forfeiture of shares etc.
  • Procedural requirements for creation, modification and satisfaction of charges and registration thereof by the Registrar of Companies.
  • Procedure for ascertainment, declaration and payment of interim and final dividend; management of unpaid and unclaimed dividend.
  • Filing of other documents including the forms and the returns with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Advisory Services on the constitution of Board of Directors, Independent Directors, women Directors, small shareholders Directors, Audit Committee, Remuneration and Grievance Committee.
  • Complete support and advisory services for implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act 2013.


  • Corporate status check;
  • Statutory review and comparison of company and registry records to ensure consistency and full compliance with prevailing statutory rules;
  • Remedial work to regularize anomalies and to remedy compliance failings identified during the status check and statutory review procedures;
  • Preparatory compliance check and remediation in view of transactional work (M&A, corporate reorganizations, etc.);


  • Procedures relating to Board Meetings, General meetings including the pre and post meeting formalities such as notice for the meetings, preparing resolutions etc.
  • Preparation of annual reports and annual accounts including Balance Sheet, Profit and loss account, income and expenditure statement, directors’ report, statement on corporate governance, compliance certificate, directors, chairman’s statement etc
  • Maintenance of secretarial records, statutory books and registers


Obtain help of Professionals & Subject matter experts at CFO Affairs to understand the intricacies involved in the Compliances. We are more than happy to educate you and make your entity registration a hassle free process.

Company Law Compliance



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